A Fractional Integrator allows a Founder/Visionary to focus on what he or she loves doing by offloading responsibility for ensuring that the team stays focused in its execution of the vision and keeps rowing in the right direction.

All Without


Waiting the 1-2 years it can take to find the right full-time Integrator


A long-term commitment

The price tag of a full-

time Integrator

As a Fractional Integrator, we help you create discipline and accountability within your organization so you, as the Visionary, can focus on what you love doing and where you can add the most value, rather than on the day-to-day minutiae. 

There are five stages in a Fractional Integrator retention:


Step 1

Introductory Call

  • About Us

  • About You

  • Determine if preliminary fit

  • Schedule 90-Minute-Meeting

Step 2


  • With leadership team

  • In-depth presentation on EOS (if not already an EOS company)

  • How Fractional Integration works

  • The 5 Rules and 5 Tools

Step 3

Get Started

  • One-Page agreement

  • In-Person kickoff and orientation

  • Set priorities

Step 4


  • Lead Level 10 Meetings

  • Same Page Meetings

  • Complete mutually-agreed Rocks (priorities)

  • Support and work with leaders

  • Participate in all EOS sessions

Step 5


  • Work with Visionary to help find permenant, full-time Integrator

  • Facilitate transition

  • Train incoming full-time Integrator