Providing Fractional Integrators for Companies Running on EOS®

If you know you need a right-person-right-seat, experienced Integrator but can’t yet afford someone of that caliber, our Fractional Integrators help you fill in the gap. We get your business where you need it faster.


Our Fractional Integrators use Wolf’s Edge Consulting’s proven process to get you three things:


  • Get where you want to go faster - You’ll get your business set up to scale for quicker growth so your tomorrow will be different from today.

  • Been-there-done-that experience - Get an outsider’s point of view from someone who’s grown and led a company like yours before.

  • Get more impact from your EOS® implementation - We don’t get sidetracked by the daily grind or putting out fires. We know how to create a plan and then execute it.

Here’s our proven process for helping you get the business where you need it to be:

chart 3.png

In just the first quarter we worked with Ben, our revenue increased over 25% and we've removed obstacles we've struggled with for years because of what we've been able to accomplish through the clarity, focus, and accountability he's helped us achieve.

Lazar Rubin

Lazar Rubin Headshot.jpg

Founder and CEO of

Next Millennium Media

How Fractional Integrator Services Work


Each Wolf’s Edge Consulting Fractional Integrator allows a Founder/Visionary to focus on what he or she loves doing by offloading responsibility for ensuring that the team stays focused in its execution of the vision and keeps rowing in the right direction.

All Without


Waiting the 1-2 years it can take to find the right full-time Integrator


A long-term commitment


The price tag of a full-

time Integrator

Our Fractional Integrators help you create discipline and accountability within your organization so that you, the Visionary, can focus on what you love doing and where you can add the most value, rather than on the day-to-day minutiae.

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