The EOS process is designed as a spaced-learning system during which we work with your leadership team in a series of one-day sessions. This makes what you learn and build into the business stick. EOS is not a trend or fad. It is a new way to run the business that will help you achieve your goals. 


Step 1


After an initial phone call, we give your leadership team a complimentary, in-depth, 90-minute presentation on exactly what EOS is and how it works as a framework to help you achieve your goals. That way, everyone is on the same page and you have the information you need to decide whether EOS Implementation is a good fit for your business.

Step 2

Focus Day:

If you decide that EOS is right for your business, we spend an intense day together guiding your leadership team through a series of discovery exercises to, among other things (1) create a customized accountability chart that clarifies the major functions of the organization and everyone’s roles in it; (2) establish your quarterly Rocks (priorities); (3) establish a structured weekly meeting pulse to ensure you and your team execute on your goals with discipline and accountability; and (4) identify the key Measurables for your Scorecard.

Step 3

Vision Building Days 1 and 2:

Thirty days after your Focus Day, we will get together for Vision Building Day 1, and thirty days after that, we hold Vision Building Day 2. During these Vision Building Days, we will build and clarify your vision so that everyone in the organization is 100% on the same page with who you are, where you want your business to go, and exactly how you plan to get there.

Step 4

Quarterlies and Annuals:

We then meet for one-day sessions each quarter and for a two-day annual planning session for about two years, or until you are at least 80% strong in each of the six key components of your business.

Step 5


EOS Implementer services are 100% guaranteed. You bring a check to each session day and if you feel like you received value at the end of the day, you hand us the check. If you don’t feel you received value, we ask that you not pay. That keeps us on our toes to ensure that we're always delivering maximum value for your business