How long does an EOS Implementation take?

Your leadership team meets with an EOS Implementer three times during the first quarter to help you get started. Each session day during this period is 30-days apart. After that, you meet with an EOS Implementer for one session-day each quarter and for a two-day annual planning session.


Most companies learn the system and achieve 80% strong or better after around two years, at which point they “graduate.” Some clients choose to continue working with their EOS Implementer after that because they value the wisdom, expertise, and the facilitation of an objective third party.

What is the financial investment in an EOS Implementation?

Assuming a two-year implementation process, there are six session days the first year and five the second year. 


Accordingly, depending on the session-day fee for a particular EOS Implementer, fees during the first year range from just $24,000 - $30,000 and subsequent years range from $20,000 - $25,000.


Session days are always guaranteed. You bring a check to each session day and if you feel like you received value at the end of the day, you hand us the check. If you don’t feel you received value, we ask that you not pay.

Does Wolf’s Edge Consulting Lead Presentations and Workshops?

Yes, Ben Wolf, founder and CEO of Wolf’s Edge Consulting, holds lectures for groups of entrepreneurs looking to grow and take their businesses to the next level. A couple of recent lectures include:


Ben is available to give workshops that add immediate value for entrepreneurs at peer group forums, organizational events, and networking functions. Contact us to discuss further.