How can you be a “part-time” Integrator/COO effectively if you're not physically in the business full-time?

It’s important to make a distinction between bringing in someone to personally get everything done versus lead, support, and drive accountability.


An Integrator helps leaders create structure, clarity, and accountability, so everyone can all row in the same direction and keep moving the business forward toward the company’s vision. This  role is critical but will it not fill a 40-hour workweek. 20% of a Fractional Integrator’s time is typically the right amount necessary to drive accountability, stay on the same page with the Visionary, and own major rocks (quarterly priorities) to move the ball forward.


An Integrator or COO will very often also work on much more than that. For this, full-time probably makes the most sense. But because such a position is a major hire (with an equally major price tag) and because picking the right person is akin to finding a marriage partner, companies often hire a Fractional Integrator on an interim basis because they can’t bear continuing to flounder for months or years while they search for a full-time Integrator/COO or scale up so they can afford one.

For a Fractional Integrator who lives far from his or her client, how can he/she be effective through video conferencing and phone calls?

This depends on the company and the unique disposition of its Visionary and leadership team. For many, particularly companies that already run remotely, initial in-person meetings, video-conferences, screen-shares, as-needed in-person meetings, phone meetings, and quarterly in-person sessions feel almost like everyone is together. Ultimately, however, using a virtual Fractional Integrator is not for everyone and each company must decide what works best for them.


To help business owners gauge whether a fractional integrator is right for them, we offer a guarantee: If, after two weeks of Fractional Integrator services, you do not feel that our services are right for you, we will refund the first payment.

How long does a Fractional Integrator engagement last?

People who hire a fractional Integrator/COO usually do so because they know they need to achieve their vision and they can’t bear delaying that until they finally find someone full time - OR they don’t yet have a big enough budget to hire an experienced Integrator/COO full-time. They engage a Fractional Integrator to jump-start the process of getting traction in their business.


These engagements last for an average of one to four quarters, but some last longer. In the final stage of each engagement, the Fractional Integrator works with the company to help them hire someone full-time or train and elevate someone from within

How is a Fractional Integrator compensated?

A Fractional Integrator is paid based on a monthly retainer for an average of 20% of his or her bandwidth, payable on the first and fifteenth of each month.